Rabbit | Free Ranging Rabbits

Indoor pet rabbits are often allowed to have the “run of the house,” or at least allowed to roam free in certain rooms. Your pet rabbit will certainly enjoy frolicking in the house. There are, however, certain risks you should be aware of at all times.

Rabbits have a tendency to chew on things and may gnaw furniture, curtains, or carpeting. Rabbits also have tendency to chew on electrical wiring, which is dangerous for the rabbit and for you since it creates a fire hazard. If you give your rabbit free run of a room or your house, bunny-proof your house. Take precautions to avoid these problems before they occur.

When you catch your rabbit chewing or doing something it shouldn’t be doing, just put it back into its cage and ignore it. Pretty soon it will associate going back to its cage with bad behavior.

When you leave home for the day or even a few minutes, put your rabbit back in its cage.