Rabbit | Bright Eyed, Bushy Tailed And Healthy

Check for signs of good health in your rabbit by observing it for a few moments. A healthy rabbit will be frisky, vigorous and have bright eyes. An unhealthy rabbit may have dull eyes, drainage from the nostrils, and a dull coat. If these symptoms develop, consult your local veterinarian immediately.

Second, observe the rabbit’s excretory materials. The fecal pellets should be firm and dry. There should not be any indication of fecal material sticking to the anal area of the rabbit. Soft bowel movements may be a sign of digestive upsets which can become very severe and even fatal.

If diarrhea develops, remove feed and provide only water and small amounts of hay for 2-3 days. Once normal bowel movement returns, gradually add back feed over 2-3 days.

Sometimes a rabbit will have bright red urine. This condition is totally normal in rabbits. It’s caused by the incomplete metabolism of a food nutrient.

Your rabbit’s urine may also be very cloudy at times and appear to contain granules. This is entirely normal. The granules are calcium precipitates. The rabbit cannot regulate blood calcium levels and the excess calcium that is excreted by the kidneys into the urine causes the urine to appear cloudy and granular.