Rabbit | The Well-Trimmed Rabbit

Rabbit toenails become quite sharp and rabbits can scratch if they become frightened or are not handled properly. Rabbit toenails can be trimmed very easily with either trimmers that are used for humans or the type that are used for other pets. The toenails of rabbits are trimmed in the same manner as those of a dog or cat, and they should be trimmed regularly at three-month intervals, or as necessary depending on the breed.

The rabbit’s front incisors grow approximately one-half to three quarters of an inch per month. It is very important that these incisors are aligned so that they continue to wear off the tooth growth regularly. If the incisors are not aligned properly, the teeth may grow excessively long and inhibit the animal from eating properly. If necessary, teeth can be trimmed on a regular basis to prevent any problems as there are absolutely no nerve endings in the incisors of a rabbit.